Thirteen things about Rivermont for which I am thankful. A list.

  1. This beautiful campus that is magnificently maintained by Mr. Charlie and his rockin' crew
  2. Faculty who care deeply about the students that they teach
  3. Parents who genuinely wish their children a good day when dropping them off for school in the morning
  4. A staff that is knowledgeable, friendly, considerate, and courteous
  5. Students that are polite and respectful
  6. A Middle School boys' basketball team that has such widespread participation
  7. Coach Wessel. 'Nuff said.
  8. Grandparents and Special Friends Day brings a smile to every face
  9. The independence to teach what is most important using the most effective means available
  10. Over 130 years of legacy that cannot be replicated
  11. Parents that graciously donate time, talent, and treasure to make Rivermont the best it can be
  12. A learning environment where it is cool to do your best work and to earn good grades
  13. Unparalleled college counseling by an incomparable college counselor

Although not thorough, the list is through.


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