March Freeze, Iowa Assessments Study, and College 101

Dear Rivermont Families,

I hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Spring weather, although it looks like we may have a cold day tomorrow. I wanted to take a few moments of your time this morning to highlight a few important items:

  • The March Freeze for next year ends April 2nd. This is a perfect way to lock in the 2014-15 tuition rate for the upcoming 2015-16 school year. We certainly would like to encourage families to take advantage of this annual offer, so please send in your contract or tuition assistance materials contained within your re-enrollment packet within the next week.
  • MUST SEE: In early January we released the results of our 2014 Iowa Assessment Examinations. As you may recall, these standardized tests are one of the ways we compare our student's academic achievement to state established standards. In the past, the University of Iowa Testing Program office that administers the examinations across the state, released only individual school scores. We received a new report on Tuesday that compares our student scores to the regional school average and state average in the subjects of Reading and Mathematics. Granted this is a single assessment snapshot, however it is a great way to gauge how Rivermont scores compare to other schools. Our students did exceptionally well across all grade levels tested. We placed the study on the front page of our website, just click on the Banner on the right side entitled "2014 Iowa Assessment Study."
  • For our senior parents, our new College 101 class started today, so make sure you ask your student about it.
  • Unfortunately, our Western Illinois University (WIU) Science and Math Club will not be able start until school resumes in August due to recent faculty scheduling conflicts at WIU. However, WIU is committed to starting this outstanding Middle/Upper School afterschool program taught by WIU engineering faculty beginning in the new school year. This promises to be another great avenue for students to explore engineering, computer science, biology and a host of other subjects. More information to follow over the next few months.

Please have a warm and safe upcoming weekend.


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