Gravity can be unforgiving

Dear Rivermont Families,

I would like to start this week's posting with a shout out to Jackie Tome and the entire Parents' Council team for such a fun filled conclusion to our International Week last Friday. From the chef, country booths, roving internet Skypes, and the music and dance performances, it was a tremendous event. I would also like to thank the many families who donated such a wide variety of dishes. It was exciting to see so many unique dishes from around the globe. It really illustrated our school's diverse culture exceptionally well.

As we head into our Spring Break, I have been giving a lot of thought on how best to emphasize safety to our students. Now granted, I was young once, so I thought, maybe some general observations that my brothers and I learned in our childhood might help. Yes, these are from firsthand personal experience, and for our students, no this is not a bucket list of activities to try.

  1. Personal zip lines between trees using your belt buckle as a harness should be frowned upon, even if you are in a Batman costume
  2. Umbrellas are not designed to be parachutes, from any height
  3. A trash bag with string attached to your shoulders is not an effective drag racing parachute
  4. Thin particle board and bricks are not a very stable bike ramp jump
  5. Never, under any circumstances, use roofs as diving boards
  6. Gravity can be unforgiving
  7. Never play flag football near parked cars
  8. Jousting with bicycles, broom sticks, and trash can lids is well...
  9. There is something to "Well, if someone jumped off a cliff, does that mean you have to as well?"
  10. Be wary of any conversation that starts with "Watch this..." it usually follows with "Ow!"

Have a wonderful and safe Spring Break!


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