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Hello Rivermont Families!
This Friday evening marks the closing to our annual International Week festival. It has been a tremendous week full of guest speakers, activities, stories, and displays. International Week is one of my favorite traditions here at Rivermont because it is all about possibilities. When students of all ages begin to look at the world a little differently realizing that there are so many adventures and opportunities that await them, it speaks so strongly to one of our core beliefs; diversity. In witnessing different cultures and perspectives, it is exciting to see so many students discover that while there are unique differences among us all, we have far more in common than they may have realized. Not only are we raising the global awareness of our students, but we are helping to build a more understanding and tolerant world.

It really has been an exciting, fun filled week culminating today, Friday, with the Parents’ Council’s led celebration of culture, food, and music. Please join us for this wonderful event.

So this week, I leave you with an interesting brain teaser.

Hong Kong Brain Teaser

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Please stay warm and safe.


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