You wear jeans!

Hello Rivermont Families!

This made me laugh the other day, so I thought I would share a recent experience with one of our younger lions (it usually happens a number of times throughout the year, but this one was funny).

I go someplace. Grocery store. Department Store. Restaurant. Movie Theater, etc.

You know, basically I'm someplace other than school.

And I'm wearing something other than a dress shirt and tie. So what happens...

I walk in.  I see student.  Student sees me. Student looks at me funny.  This is a telltale sign, especially when the head shifts to one side. Sort of like a dog who hears a high-pitched whistle.

The student usually says...

"I thought you lived at school" or "You wear jeans?" Sometimes they actually say both.

Or if they are younger I usually get a knee tackling hug....which of course is nice.

But sadly, of all the things they should be learning during their school years... the one thing that probably sticks with them the longest is that their Headmaster looks weird and out of place in Levi's.

Granted the Lions Hat earmuffs I wear sometimes probably have not helped in this capacity.


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