Letter from the Headmaster

Hello Rivermont Families!

This is always a special time at Rivermont as we move into an exciting period within our academic year. It kicks off tonight with Rivermont's Academic Fair. If you have not been to this event in the past, it is really something to see. I guarantee you will learn so much from our students. Whether it is a profile of a past U.S. President or a scientific exploration, the time, energy and enthusiasm of each student is so clearly evident. I would also highly encourage you to attend the Living Biographies presented in the Becherer Hall auditorium. From Barbara Streisand to Shaka Zulu the academic passion and talents of our students are simply something to see! The Academic Fair is a key part of the Rivermont experience and I hope to see everyone here tonight at 6:00 pm.

Tomorrow is our annual Rivermont Ski/Bowl Day where students are spread across the Quad Cities either skiing or tubing on the slopes of Snowstar or are trying their hand at bowling. It is a fun filled day for students and faculty alike. Parents and families are certainly welcome to join us, just check with your teacher for specific details.

Just around the corner is our International Week festival, March 2-6th. With a number of activities occurring across the school each day, there is a concentrated focus on world cultures, history, and cuisine. This is a wonderful week that emphasizes our school's philosophy of preparing our students for the global world around them. The week culminates on March 6th with Parents' Council's celebration of culture, food, music, and games. Additional information on the March 6th event will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, but mark your calendar now!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Please stay warm and safe.


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