Hello Rivermont Families!

First, I would like to thank all the parents that joined us personally or on the web for the Evening with the Headmaster. We discussed a number of items that impact our school and curriculum. If you missed the discussion, we will be placing a link to a YouTube presentation on our website today.

Last academic year (2013-14), Rivermont introduced a new faculty assessment and Professional Development program. Our program, modeled from the work of renowned educator Charlotte Danielson provides our school a collaborative and comprehensive assessment program that merges classroom observations, student and parent feedback, peer mentorship and professional development. Our faculty assessment process is a year-long cyclic approach culminating in a series of conferences between administration and faculty outlining individual teacher goals, focus areas and professional development opportunities. As parents you have an integral role in this process.

During the third quarter of each academic year, the administration team is very busy conducting a series of classroom observations. As part of these observations, we send out to parents an individual teacher survey. Not to overwhelm you with a large number of surveys, we typically send them directly to the parents of the students in the class the administrator is observing. However, we also want to make the survey is available to all parents and not just those of the classes the administration team observes. The survey is also available on our website, under the My Rivermont tab, under School Forms.  

The survey can either be e-mailed back to myself, Ms. Hildebrand or Weeks, or printed out and placed in an envelope. We looked at creating an electronic survey last year, however we found a number of our parents appreciated the ability to expand upon a specific criteria(s) or overall comments. The surveys are anonymous and are used as feedback by the administrator when conducting the individual teacher post-assessment meeting. While the contents of your survey is discussed and included within the overall teacher assessment, the identity of its author or even the survey itself is not provided to the teacher so as to protect the unanimity of the parent.

As a school we welcome your comments as part of the faculty feedback and assessment cycle. If you receive an e-mail over the next few weeks, or would like to independently complete a survey, please take this wonderful opportunity to communicate your thoughts on our school. If you have any questions, concerning this process, please let myself or any administrator know. We will be happy to walk you through the process.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Please stay warm and safe.


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