A Tradition of Imps and Tigers

Imp Tiger CupSitting atop the bookcase in my office is a trophy that is a bit unimpressive in size, style, and symmetry, but not in significance. The following inscriptions can be found on the trophy, Won by The Imps 1909, Won by the Tigers 1922, and Imp Tiger Tie 1925. The plate engravings pick up where the trophy inscriptions leave off - Imps '60, Tigers '66, Imps '71.

For more than a century students of St. Katharine's, and then St. Katharine's-St. Mark's, and now Rivermont Collegiate have been sorted into two houses - the Imps and the Tigers. The origin story of the house names remains a mystery, but the accounts of the competitions and the friendly rivalry lives on deep within all those who have attended this school. Recently, I was able to spend time with Dr. Nancy Bookidis ('56) while my wife and I were in Athens. We were having lunch at the National Archaeological Museum, and her eyes lit up as she remembered being the Captain of the Imps. Her mind went back nearly sixty years, as she fondly recalled names and faces of her fellow Imps. (For the record, according to the trophy, the Imps won in '54, '55, and '56. An impressive run, Dr. Bookidis).

So, the legacy lives on, and you are welcome to witness the occasion. On Friday, August 28 at 2:45 in the Becherer Hall auditorium, our new students and faculty members will draw from the trophy. An orange slip of paper - a Tiger. A green slip of paper - an Imp. They will be forever knitted together with not only their current schoolmates, but also those students from decades past, a uniquely Rivermont tradition.


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