Mr. H Had Horrible Hair

Mr H 

Mr. H had horrible hair. I don't remember everything I learned in kindergarten, but I do remember the fictional letter people and Mr. H's bad hairdo. On the day that we dressed up like a letter person, my mom outfitted me with an atrocious wig, sewed a giant shag-carpet H to affix to my six-year-old body, and raided my dad's closet for a fat 1970's tie.  Decades later and for decades to come I remember that Mr. H had horrible hair.

As we begin our week of professional development at Rivermont Collegiate, our exceptional teachers are preparing lessons that will leave a lasting impression on the students. As educators, we never know when that moment will be - that moment of comprehension that endures far beyond the sound of our voice and even beyond the span of our lives. But they happen.

That is what makes the start of the school year so exciting. Next week or next month or next semester your child will learn something that will leave an indelible imprint on the rest of her life. Perhaps she learns the quadratic formula on her way to becoming a world-class engineer.  Maybe he learns the lessons of the color wheel on his way to becoming an influential artist. Or maybe, just maybe, he learns how to read by remembering that Mr. H had horrible hair.


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