Saying Goodbye to Members of the Rivermont Family

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to our Springfest Concert this evening (4/23) at 7:00 pm in Becherer Hall. We will be livestreaming the event on the web as well, so please see the e-mail I sent yesterday for details in regards to the web link. As we round the corner on the academic year, please keep a watchful eye on all the school and student events over the next few weeks.
Last week, I previewed a few items that we are working on for next the academic year at the Middle and Upper School level. I thought this week we should take a look at the work being done in the Early and Lower Schools. While there is always activities going on, the faculty is collaborating to further expand and refine our student skill assessment process that will strengthen the curriculum alignment across Early and Lower School grades. We are also continually working to refine our literacy and writing curriculum in addition to restructuring our Lower School Health curriculum to eliminate areas of redundancies and expand the topics.
While we are all excited about the many things happening at Rivermont, it is also a sad time of the academic year when we sometimes have to say goodbye to members of our family who have made such a lasting impression on our students and school. While saddened to see them depart at the conclusion of the school year, we do so wishing them all the best luck and happiness.

Mr. Alex Gomez has made such a significant impact on our Spanish language program and on many of our students across all grade levels. A popular and engaging teacher, Mr. Gomez brought tremendous passion and energy to all his classes where students learned not just Spanish, but the rich culture and heritage behind the language. For family reasons, he will be moving back to Spain at the conclusion of the academic year. We wish Mr. Gomez and his family the very best in the future. I included a short letter from Mr. Gomez below.

"I'll try to be brief in this goodbye, although brief is not in friends and family dictionary. I'll do my best. In the vast ocean of life you may feel intimidate and lonely. High waves may shake the boat and storms might darken your course. But I have been very lucky to sail, for a brief time, this ocean with Rivermont. This is not a school, just as a country is not just a flag. Rivermont is as strong and loving as the members of this community are. And I have seen much strength, kindness and love in this past three years. For all that: Thank you, thank you so much. It is a hard lesson of life when you get to a crosspoint where you do what you must, instead of what you want. But at the same time I look back and I couldn't be more proud of being part of Rivermont. Smiles is all that I'll remember, and my smile and my gratitude is how I want you parents, colleagues and students to remember me. As for my dear students, young men and women, one last quote: This may be a teacher and parents world, but it would be nothing without you students. ¡Animo! and keep up the good work :)"

Alex Gómez

While just completing her first year, Ms. Stephanie Seward, our energetic Choir Director, will be pursuing in the fall an exciting graduate program at the University of Iowa. Unfortunately, try as we could, we were not able to find a scheduling solution that would work with her very busy graduate program. While we all are saddened to see her depart, we are excited about the wonderful academic opportunity that she is about to start. While she will be leaving the faculty, she has promised to visit often. I included a few words from Ms. Seward below.

My wonderful Rivermont friends -

I have had a great experience being just a small part of your lives this year. While I'm excited to start my new adventure in the mental health field, leaving these incredible Rivermont students is going to be very difficult. You've all taught me so much, and I hope to be lucky enough to cross paths with you down the road.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

We are currently in the search process for both faculty positions, and will be keeping you abreast through the summer months.


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