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It's was great to see so many members of our Rivermont family at our Art Night this last Tuesday. This is one of my favorite events at Rivermont as it showcases our student's creativity and imagination so well. Thank you to all our faculty and staff for the support provided in making the show possible.

I also want to provide you an update on a couple of items:
School Start Date: If you have been following the Iowa 2015-16 school start date saga in the media lately, there has been some movement in reaching a compromise agreement to enable schools to start no earlier than August 23rd instead of the current mandate of September 1st. However, the agreement is still awaiting final state legislative passage. Governor Branstad has agreed to sign the legislation once it arrives at his desk. While this eight day difference may not appear large, it has significant ripple effects which is the reason why both public and private schools across the state are generally waiting for the final signed legislation before publishing their calendars. As you may recall in my last update, we are ready to release our August 24 start date academic calendar for next year once the legislation is approved. Hopefully it will be soon, but for planning purposes we are still anticipating an August 24 start date with our Unpack Your Backpack picnic event occurring on Friday, August 23rd.

Head of School Search: We have added a new page to our school website to keep everyone updated on the search process. The link below will take you directly there, but you can also access the page off our main school website. Simply select the "About Us" tab on the top and you will notice the "Head of School Search" option in the pull down menu. We will be updating this page throughout the entire process.

Head of School Search

Events this Weekend:

  • Our spring Upper School play is Friday and Saturday Night (April 10th and 11th). The performance this year is actually composed of two separate one-act plays; A Simple Task" by Alan Haehnel and "The Big Black Box" by Cleve Haubold. This promises to be another wonderful performance, so please come out and support all our performers. A special thank you to Kris Skaggs for her tireless energy in making this performance possible.
  • The first Rivermont Chess Tournament is this Saturday! Registration flyers are still available throughout the school. Doors open at 8:00 am in Becherer Hall.


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