September 4, 2014

As we are now in full swing, I would like to take a few moments to preview a new initiative we will be unveiling towards the end of the month. As the various committees worked throughout last year in crafting our new Strategic Plan, a common idea rose from the various groups. While we receive tremendous support from our Rivermont families and friends, there are still many members of our community with a specific expertise or skill who are willing to help, but may be unaware of the various projects the school is undertaking. For example, we may have a parent who is talented at software integration or construction that would be willing to lend their expertise and time in assisting with a particular school project. The first call we make as a school regarding a potential project or initiative should be to a member of our own Rivermont family. In essence, we could do a far better job networking our Rivermont family.

With this in mind, we will be sending out an electronic survey towards the end of the month as a starting point in reaching out to our Rivermont family. Participation is completely voluntary, but I feel this serves a distinct need within our community. I have often heard from our parents and friends that they would like to be a part of our various projects, but either did not know who to contact, which projects we are currently looking at starting or how best to lend their talents and expertise. The goal of this survey is to help close this gap. I'll be sending out more information later in the month regarding our "Reaching Out to Rivermont" initiative. 

Before I conclude, I want to especially thank our Middle and Upper School families for your support this week. Rivermont students are literally all over the globe this week, with the 9-11th grades at Camp Manitowish, our seniors across two states in a variety of college campus visits, our Middle School Milwaukee excursion and our robotics team in Brazil; all in the same week! Thank you parents for all your support as we work through the wide variety of activities.

Don't forget our next big event coming up...the Imp/Tiger Founder's Day Run on September 19th. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Parents' Council for details. 

I wish you all a great weekend and safe travels back for our students and parents that are venturing back from their trips.   

Todd Zachary


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