October 23, 2014

As the leaves begin to turn and we conclude the first academic quarter, it is time to continue our series highlighting a member of the faculty and staff. Last year we introduced you to members of our staff, who often behind the scenes, are instrumental to the success of our school. This year we are shifting a little to introduce members of our faculty.

Faculty Spotlight - Laura McDonald

Laura Mcdonald

Rivermont has an exceptionally bright and talented Information Technology (IT) staff who have the unenviable task of keeping the school's technology infrastructure up and running, which as you can imagine is quite the task. A vital member of our IT staff is Laura McDonald, our Technology Integration Specialist. In addition to providing technical support to our school, Laura's main focus is to support the faculty by helping them to augment their curriculum with technology. She also provides a significant amount of professional development for our faculty. This partnership has brought a new level to Rivermont's curriculum and student learning opportunities.

Laura has also been instrumental in our Parent Educational Seminars, specifically her Internet Safety Webinar series on how to keep your child safe in a digital world (information on the next webinar installment is not miss out!) And if that is not enough, she also heads up our coding club for grades 3-5 which starts on Monday, November 3rd from 4:00-5:00 pm. Laura's expertise and dedication to our faculty has been key to our school's success. 

An avid reader who "goes through more books than she can get her hands on", Laura also is an intrepid outdoorswoman enjoying hiking and camping. While her expertise spans all divisions of the school, her classroom is located on the lower level of Becherer Hall.

Next week will meet our newest member of the IT team, Mr. John Kvapil.

Internet Safety Seminar

Mark your calendars for our next Internet Safety Seminar on October 29th at 6:00 pm. Our very popular "Internet Safety for Families", webinar hosted by Rivermont Technology Integration Specialist, Laura McDonald will discuss how you can keep your children safe in a digital world, what cyber-hazards to avoid, and what resources are available to both parents and children. The seminar will also be analyzing current data and trends, as well as the federal COPPA policy that is designed to help protect children on the Internet. To access this invaluable free webinar, simply click on the Live Stream link below on October 29th. 

Click Here at 6:00pm on October 29th to view the Live Stream 

Reaching Out to Rivermont Survey

If you have not yet completed the "Reaching Out to Rivermont" survey, please take a few moments to do so by clicking the link below. Your response is greatly appreciated.

Our Reaching Out to Rivermont initiative was born from our recently completed Strategic Plan. While we receive tremendous support from our Rivermont families and friends, there are still many members of our community with a specific expertise or skill who are willing to help, but may be unaware of the various projects the school is undertaking. As a school, our first call regarding a potential project or initiative should be to a member of our own Rivermont family. In essence, we could do a far better job networking our Rivermont family. 

With this goal in mind, we created an online survey. Participation is completely voluntary, but I feel this serves a distinct need within our community. I have often heard from our parents and friends that they would like to be a part of our various projects, but either did not know who to contact, are unaware of which projects we are currently looking at starting or don't know how best to lend their talents and expertise. Our goal is to help close this gap. Please take a moment to complete this short 5 question survey. As always, thank your for your continued support of our school.

Click Here to complete the Online Survey 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,

Todd Zachary


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