August 21, 2014

I think one of our Lower School students captured it best yesterday, "I'm so happy to see my all friends and teachers again...but homework..." It has been a busy week as we get underway. I would like to thank all our parents, faculty, and staff for a great start! We have a lot of exciting initiatives and programs being implemented this year, so it is really an exciting time on campus. I'm especially excited for our seniors who have started or will be starting their Education Partner college class in the coming week at Augustana, St. Ambrose or Western Illinois.

Earlier this month, we had the distinct honor to welcome back a number of Rivermont and St. Katherine/St. Mark's alum to the Renwick mansion, our previous school location and our own Rivermont campus. It was an incredible two-day reunion celebrating the history of our school. As alum poured over yearbooks dating sequentially back to 1935, we had the opportunity to talk about the memories and traditions of our school. In our fast paced lives today, where things are changing rapidly, it is heartwarming to know that key traditions remain. From the renewed friendly banter of Imp vs. Tiger, to reflecting back on how a specific teacher made such an impact on their later life, the reunion certainly reminded us all of the importance of history, tradition, and fellowship. With this thought in mind, let us all take a few moments to reflect now and again on our own family traditions. If you are like me there are probably a couple that have fallen behind the times....granted I'm not sure my daughter who leaves for college next week would want to watch Muppets again, a staple during Family Movie Night, but it's going to be fun to ask her.

Headmaster Announcements:

August 28th is a big night at Rivermont! Coming up next week is our bi-annual Evening With The Headmaster series. Next Thursday, August 28th is certainly a full packed evening. At 5:00 pm, is our first home Volleyball game of the season, at 6:10 pm we will hold our first Parent Mentor Meet & Greet with the Evening with the Headmaster following at 6:30 pm. Please mark your calendar for next week to attend these events. If for some reason you cannot attend the Evening With The Headmaster presentation, we will also be Live Streaming it on the web, so look for the internet link that will be sent out via e-mail on that morning.

School trips are soon approaching! Don't forget to turn in the permission forms and activity fees for Manito-Wish (our 9-11th graders) and Milwaukee (Middle School Students)....Anchors Away!    

Our Rivermont website Teacher pages are NOW LIVE!!! On our new website, individual teacher webpages containing a host of information is now live on the website. Parents and students can access the pages by clicking the Login button in the top right corner of our website. If you have forgotten the login and password, just give us a call.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun weekend!

Todd Zachary


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