Imagine Yourself Instantly Transported Back 100 Years to 1914

Imagine yourself instantly transported back 100 years to 1914. How big would your world be? In 1914, a steam-powered train took three days to travel from Los Angeles to Des Moines. Crossing the Atlantic took over a week, often two weeks depending on your port of call. The airplane was in its infancy. The telegraph was the principal means of rapid communication, if of course the region was crisscrossed with the necessary wiring. The internet, cell phones, television, and even radio were years, if not decades, away. The world was a big place where most people rarely left their community, let alone country.

Today we live in a fast-paced, globally connected world where events in the most remote community can be transmitted instantly across the planet, with potentially global impact. Understanding our different cultures and beliefs has never been so vital. This is the focus of Rivermont's annual International Week - to explore and rejoice in the differences and similarities of our diverse planet. Whether conversing with students in Germany vis Skype or watching an African dance performance, our appreciation of differing cultures and beliefs remains an essential part of the Rivermont Experience

I would like to thank all Rivermont faculty, staff, and parents for making International Week an overwhelming success. As the week culminated with the International Food Festival, complete with live music and exotic food, I was reminded of the great value of Rivermont's diversity.


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