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There are Changes on the Horizon

Finally! The weather is warming up, and the promise of spring seems right around the corner. As we make our way towards frisbee season, I'm writing with a preview of some changes that will come this year, and next.

What is it that makes Rivermont so special?

Is it our excellent teachers? Is it our 5/1 teacher-to-student ratio? Could it be the curricular freedom and professional autonomy that our teachers enjoy? Perhaps it's the mentoring and support students receive from our dedicated faculty and staff. Maybe it's our selective admissions process that creates a culture of excellence. Maybe it's all of the above, woven into the resources of an educational experience that costs almost $19,000 per-student-per-year to deliver.

Rivermont Collegiate Reintroduces Boarding Component

As you've probably read or seen in the news, our Board of Trustees voted to bring a boarding component back to our upper school. Efforts are already underway, and things will be happening quickly. I look forward to updating people at the Town Hall on December 13th, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, in Becherer Hall. The initial community reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and it's great to see the media highlighting our school so favorably.

Safety First

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our students; our children. Having three boys enrolled, I am appealing to you today as a school leader and fellow parent. Our children are our inspiration, our lives' work, our greatest challenges, and our most important teachers.

Welcome Back!

Words can't express my delight and excitement about the beginning of this school year. After a summer full of work and preparation, hearing laughter and seeing smiling faces warms my heart. There is a palpable energy around campus. Teachers' rooms look fantastic and students are all dressed up in their new outfits. This is what it's all about!

A Spring Saunter

Student Council election season brings out original campaign posters and a presidential debate. Mr. Charlie wages the war against weeds to keep the campus looking impeccable. While in science class, the first grade students design a habitat in a box for their stuffed animals.

It Was Rivermont's Wedding of the Year

Once upon a time there was a quiet letter named Q. He fell in love with the unbelievably beautiful Miss U . Q quickly recognized that his life would never be complete without U. Although he was quivering, he dropped to one knee and asked Miss U to become his ultimate bride.

Muy Bueno

I always find it a bit disappointing when someone says, "I took two years of Spanish in high school, but I can't speak a word." I find it even more disappointing when I am the one making the statement. On a recent rainy afternoon students, teachers, and parents gathered in the auditorium for Rivermont's first Spanish Poetry Recital.

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